Shocking cuts to Fife College numbers

Statistics released to me by Fife College has shown the full brunt of the Scottish Government’s cuts to college budgets. The statistics show that Fife College will have to cut thousands of student numbers for the upcoming academic year as 3,638 part time student numbers will be axed.

The sheer scale of cuts to student numbers at Fife College is shocking and it is clearly unsustainable in the long run.

We are seeing part-time students, often carers, parents and mature students, facing the brunt of these cuts and this will only end up locking many people in Fife out of further education.  

This is the reality of cuts to college budgets from the Scottish Government. A cut of over 3,500 student places is not a record any ‘progressive’ Government should be proud of.

I will be meeting with the Principle of Fife College in the next few days to discuss how I can support the college and its students.

You can read more about the cuts to Fife College on the Courier website. 

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