Clarity needed from SNP on energy prices

I’ve called on the Scottish National Party to support the Labour Party’s pledge to freeze energy prices for two years if elected as we work towards regulating the energy market.

I’ve made the request after the pledge made by Ed Miliband was described as “completely unworkable” by Scottish Government’s energy minister Fergus Ewing. Mr Ewing was responding to a question raised by my colleague Iain Gray MSP who had asked the Scottish Government if the SNP would match our commitment in a separate Scotland.

In reply Fergus Ewing indicated that the SNP would not support such a freeze raising fears that an independent Scotland would lead to even higher energy prices to support renewables and new grid infrastructure.

We all know that one of the challenges facing households across Fife is energy prices as they continue to tackle the cost of living. That is why the Labour Party has pledged to freeze prices for two years if elected to Government in 2015.

It was disappointing to hear the comments from the Energy Minister in Parliament which raises fears that the Scottish Government is on the side of the energy companies and not households across Scotland.

It’s important that the voters know if the SNP and their representatives agree with their Energy Minister’s comments or whether they stand with the Labour party and consumers in tackling prices and reforming the energy market.

With the referendum only a year away it is important that we know where the SNP and their representatives stand. The Scottish Government’s comments in the chamber this week are clear and a yes vote, with all its implications, would be a vote for higher energy prices.

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