Totally Locally in Burntisland

Last week I was delighted to be asked to launch Burntisland’s Totally Locally Campaign. The event which was launched with a dance mob and an unveiling of the map of the town aims to promote the high street in Burtnisland.

Totally Locally has been successful throughout the UK having being initially launched in West Yorkshire and will hopefully be a positive experience for the town.  It is a great opportunity to promote local businesses that have signed up and boost footfall in the high street.

I know just how important the high street can be to the local economy and it was great to see it so busy on Saturday and throughout the week.

‘Fiver Fest’, where shops and cafes put on special deals for just £5, was a great idea to get locals using the high street and I have taken the opportunity myself, buying some fresh veg and eggs from Whinnieknowe, fish from Imrie’s fishmongers, cakes from Miss Attie’s and enjoying lunch at Food for Thought.

It is estimated that if every adult in Burntisland spent just £5 a week in local businesses then an extra £1.4 million per year would be generated for the local economy.

Credit must go to the local volunteers that made the launch on Saturday such a success and have worked tirelessly to promote the town.

I also lodged a motion on the event in Parliament which can be found below with the MSP’s that have so far supported it. 

“That the Parliament welcomes the recent launch of Burntisland’s Totally Locally Campaign; understands that the campaign aims to celebrate the local high street by encouraging locals and visitors to support independent traders, local growers, producers and service providers; notes that the initiative began with a special launch on the high street, in which traders promoted “Fiver Fest” by offering deals to customers for £5; understands that a map of the town was also unveiled together with the creation of a website and that visitors and locals were entertained by a piper and a flash mob; notes that the award-winning campaign originated in West Yorkshire in 2009 and has seen success in a number of small towns across the UK and that over 30 businesses in Burntisland are involved in the scheme; recognises the importance of the Fiver Fest campaign, which aims to regenerate and bring benefits to the whole of the town; notes that campaigners believe that, if every adult spends £5 a week in Burntisland, the initiative has the potential to boost the economy by £1.4 million; commends the work of volunteers who work together to promote their town, and extends best wishes to them for the success of the campaign and for the future.”

Supported by: Roderick Campbell, Jackie Baillie, Cara Hilton, Jayne Baxter, Richard Lyle, Kenneth Gibson, Margaret McCulloch, Fiona McLeod, Liz Smith, Colin Beattie, David Torrance, Dennis Robertson, Neil Findlay, Mike MacKenzie, Anne McTaggart, Margaret McDougall, Hanzala Malik, Nigel Don, David Stewart

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