Claire Baker questions Minister on missed Climate Change target

The Minister for Environment and Climate Change Paul Wheelhouse has made a statement to Parliament explaining why the Scottish Government has failed to meet its first target for reducing carbon emissions.

Speaking after the statement, Claire Baker MSP, Shadow Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, said:

“Despite offering every excuse under the sun, including the lack of sun in Scotland, the reality is that the Scottish Government failed to meet the first Climate Change target due to their own actions.

“It is telling that whilst the Government accepted all the plaudits upon the passing of this Act there was not one single member of the Scottish Cabinet present during the statement.

“Confidence is being lost in this Government to meet future targets and Scotland is sadly on course to miss all but one annual emissions reduction target between 2010 and 2022. On Thursday voters from all over Scotland will arrive at Parliament to demand the Government makes the step change needed and it is paramount that the Government listens.”

Claire’s reply and question to the Minister can be found here

Paul Wheelhouse’s statement can be found here

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