Claire calls for Government action over ‘fake’ curries

This week I have called on the Scottish Government to take action to ensure that Scotland’s restaurants are not selling adulterated curries after newspaper reports found that four out of five Indian takeaways and restaurants in Fife have regularly sold lamb curries substituted with cheap cuts of beef. 

The survey, which was conducted across Scotland, found that of the 46 restaurant and takeaways that were selling adulterated curries, 33 did not contain any lamb with the remaining used lamb along with cheap cuts of beef. The meat is being passed off as lamb in popular dishes such as bhoona and korma.

Since the publication of the report the restaurants in Fife that have been found adulterating their curries  have remained unnamedAll restaurants selling beef in lamb curries should be named as soon as possible and a full investigation carried out.

First it was horsemeat and now these shocking revelations show that the average consumer in Scotland is continuingly to be let down. Consumers deserve a right to know what they are eating and this is yet another devastating blow for consumer confidence.

The horsemeat scandal has already raised many questions that the Government still need to answer and this latest news just adds to questions over Scotland’s food chain. The reality is that we will probably never know how long the contamination of food has been taking place nor how much horsemeat or fake curries there has been in the food chain prior to the breakout out of the scandal.

I will be writing to both the Scottish Government to ensure they fully investigate this issue and I will also be writing to Fife Council to see what action they will be taking against the restaurants”

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