Tapestry Campaign Continues after meeting with Fife Cultural Trust

This week I continued my campaign for the Great Tapestry of Scotland to come to Kirkcaldy after holding a productive meeting with Fife Cultural Trust. The meeting followed questions I raised in Parliament highlighting the popularity of the Tapestry and calling for the nationwide tour to visit Fife.

The Great Tapestry of Scotland was immensely popular when it was exhibited at the Scottish Parliament with crowds queuing out the building and around the corner. I’m pleased that my campaign to bring the exhibition to Fife has been positively received so far and there is a clear will for the tapestry to come to Fife.

The meeting, which took place with Fife Cultural Trust Chief Executive Heather Stuart and Dallas Mechan, Museum and Heritage Development Manager, was arranged to discuss the suitability of Fife and the newly refurbished Kirkcaldy Galleries in hosting such an exhibition.

We have already had the Cabinet Secretary support my efforts to bring the tapestry to Kirkcaldy and I’m encouraged by the positive meeting I had with Fife Cultural Trust. The Tapestry has a connection with the Kingdom as sections of the tapestry were stitched in towns throughout Fife. For that reason it would be great if family and friends were offered the opportunity to visit the exhibition on their doorstep.

The tapestry is the longest embroidered tapestry in the world at 143 metres long, beating the 120 metre Kieskamma tapestry, which previously held the record, and the famous Bayeux tapestry which is 70 meters long. The tapestry was previously on display in the Scottish parliament during September attracting over 30,000 visitors.

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