Bold ideas needed by the Scottish Government

First Minister Alex Salmond has announced to Parliament the Scottish Governments legislative programme for the year ahead. The SNP run government will be bringing forward 15 bills in total.

Amongst the bills announced by the First Minister was the bill on an independence referendum and the Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill which will introduce same-sex marriage in Scotland.

Other bills introduced include a children and young people bill, criminal justice bill, aquacultures and fisheries bill and a procurement bill.

Responding to the Scottish Government’s legislative programme local Scottish Labour MSP Claire Baker said:

“When Scotland needed bold ideas and legislation to create jobs and grow the economy we instead saw a tired First Minister distracted and dithering over the referendum.

“He offers a procurement bill too late to help construction companies in Fife and beyond. The Forth crossing is being built in China, Poland and Spain whilst the skills and resources are right here on the doorstep.

“Whilst I support the increasing of childcare support this was first promised in 2007 why has it taken so long to only just being realised? Having only just recently met struggling mothers through Gingerbread Fife I know that this legislation is needed now and needs to go further.

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