Carers in Fife missing out in over £6 million of support

Carers in Fife have missed out on vital support to the tune of over £6 million according to charity Carers Scotland. The report, which puts the number of carers failing to receive their full allowance across the Kingdom at over 2,000.

Whilst we are currently in a cost of living crisis every little helps and it is vital that carers throughout the Kingdom are receiving the help and support that they deserve.

Many carers take on that role not through choice but due to a sense of duty and love. For over £6 million to sit unclaimed whilst carers face making tough decisions between heating and eating must be addressed. It is not acceptable that nearly half of carers are cutting back on food and heating when they are carrying out such an invaluable role.

The Carers Rights Guide for 2013/14 has highlighted that 2,138 carers in Fife have missed out with unclaimed Carer’s Allowance totaling £6,641,810 for the region. These statistics follow a survey that highlighted that 47% of carers are in debt with 1 in 6 in debt of over £10,000. This has resulted in 44% of carers cutting back on food and 46% on heating.

That is why I would urge anyone who is a carer to get in touch with Carers UK Adviceline to ensure expert support so that everyone gets the money that they deserve. I will be writing to the Minister to ask what action the Scottish Government will be taking to improve uptake and address the level of under claiming in Fife.