Claire calls for Fife MSPs to vote for a ‘Frack Free Fife’

Tomorrow the Scottish Parliament can vote for a ban on fracking in Scotland after Scottish Labour submitted an amendment to a Government motion that calls for the ban to be introduced.

I have been campaigning for some time for a Frack Free Fife and this week offers the perfect opportunity for all Fife politicians to unite behind that goal.

Currently the Scottish Government has stopped short of implanting a full ban on fracking, introducing a moratorium (a short term pause) on the process instead. This is despite repeated calls from Scottish Labour, the Lib-Dems and the Green’s for an outright ban.

The Scottish Government can take decisive action against UCG and fracking in Fife and we know that from community groups, to national environmental organisations, to Fife Council there is support for an outright ban.

Fife is seen as being one of the prominent areas in Scotland for fracking and underground coal gasification (UCG) if the process was to be given the green light, leading to fears that the area might be used as a ‘guinea pig’.

I’ve been campaigning against fracking and UCG for some time and stood at the recent election on a pledge for a ‘frack free Fife’.

I revealed the ‘UCG loophole’ in the Scottish Government’s fracking moratorium that would have allowed Cluff National Resources to proceed with plans for UCG in Fife and I was delighted when my campaign was successful in having the loophole shut before the Scottish Parliament elections.

There is no environmental case for fracking and we know that the process poses serious safety concerns. Fracking and UCG is an issue that regularly fills my inbox as constituents are concerned about its impact on Fife and beyond.

I hope that all Fife MSPs will therefore listen to their constituents and join me in voting for a frack free Fife. Only then can we be sure that the door has been firmly shut on any prospect of UCG or fracking taking place in Fife.

The Scottish Labour amendment states:

“recognises that, to meet Scotland’s climate change goals and protect the environment, there must be an outright ban on fracking in Scotland;”

Click here to see who voted for the amendment.