Claire calls for support to save BiFab jobs

This week I questioned the Scottish Government on the shock announcement of redundancies at BiFab.

I have worked closely with workers at the yards in the recent fights for their future and will continue to do so during these troubled times.

With the Scottish Government knowing about these job losses two days before workers, there are serious questions to be asked about worker and trade union engagement.

I also asked the Scottish Government – who has a stake in the yards – what they will do to bridge the gap while the company bids for new long term contracts.

There is an opportunity here to limit the impact of the redundancies and the Scottish Government and their agencies must now work to keep as many staff employed as possible.

This can be achieved through training and support for diversifying the skills of the workforce, along with looking to the oil and gas sector to bring in quick, short term work to the yards.

You can watch clips of my questions below and read the full exchange with the Cabinet Secretary for the Economy here: