Claire pledges and NHS fit for Fife

This week I launched my first pledge of the Scottish Parliament election – An NHS Fit for Fife.

Under the SNP we have seen a GP crisis grip the constituency. All 8 general practices in Kirkcaldy have restricted their list for new patients and current patients struggle to get a quick appointment.

At the same time patients are waiting too long in A&E to be treated and far too many waiting time targets are being missed.

Elderly patients are waiting too long at the end of their treatment to receive the care and support that they need in their own homes.

Only a third of our NHS staff believes that there are enough of them to do their jobs properly. Under the SNP we are seeing NHS staff undervalued and our hospitals under pressure.

However there is another choice. A Scottish Labour Government would deliver an NHS fit for Fife. We would tackle the current GP crisis and deliver quality care for every patient.

That means investing more in primary and social care to take the pressure off of our hospitals. Scottish Labour would guarantee an appointment in a local GP surgery within 48 hours and a social care package within a week.

The option on 5th May is 5 more years of the same under the SNP or real change now with Scottish Labour. ‪#‎BothVotesLabour‬