Claire raises BiFab’s future at FMQs

Recently I met with BiFab workers and trade union representatives at their yard in Methil to discuss their future and concerns as we near the end of their current Beatrice contract.

I also raised the issue directly with the First Minister during FMQs where I called for continued Government support to ensure we can protect jobs and the company can survive any gap in their order book.

That is why I am hosting a meeting in the Scottish Parliament tomorrow to allow trade union members to meet and lobby MSPs from all parties as we work to secure the future of the yards.

I previously held a similar lobby in 2015, which led to cross party pressure on the UK Government ahead of the awarding of the current Beatrice contract.

The recent Government bailout to stave off administration only guaranteed the yards for the short-term, we now need to work together to secure the medium and long-term future of the yards in Fife and the Highlands.

Any gap in the order books is a cause of concern for the workforce as they face an uncertain future. The solution for BiFab is complex and will need to involve a number of agencies including management and workers at BiFab, Scottish Enterprise, and both the UK and Scottish Governments.

Fife has, in BiFab and the wider Methil energy park, the potential to be a leading player in the renewable energy sector but we need to make sure that work is coming to our yards to achieve this.

This meeting is the opportunity to kick-start a drive to realise that potential and I would urge MSPs from all parties and constituencies, not just Mid Scotland and Fife, to attend this meeting and lend their support.