Claire urges a Fuelgood Fife

After a visit to Parliament from Energy Safety Trust I have backed attempts to save money on fuel costs with FuelGood – an initiative to become a fuel efficient driver with the Trust and Transport Scotland. The initiative aims to teach drivers how to drive efficiently saving fuel and money at the same time. From just simple tips to a training session and even an app, FuelGood claim that if you become a fuel efficient driver you could save an average of £250 on fuel per year.

Tips include not idling if you are stationary for more than a minute, checking your tyres regularly, staying in gear and watching the revs. A FuelGood training session is a 50 minute one-to-one lesson with an approved driving instructor to put the tips into practice.

The Instructor can pick you up from your home or office at a convenient time and take you out in their approved car. The normal cost of the training is a one off price of £40, however by going through the Energy Saving Trust and Home Energy Scotland a session can be booked for a special offer of £12.

The tips offered by Energy Saving Trust to lower fuel consumption, and trips to the petrol station, are simple yet effective in driving down the cost of motoring. Coupled with a FuelGood training session to get first-hand experience, drivers in the Kingdom can easily learn how to drive more efficiently saving around £250 a year.

I enjoyed taking part in their simulator in Parliament to learn for myself tips and changes that I should be making whilst driving and hope to replicate these on the road. I’d urge all drivers in Fife to at least find out the tips involved in driving efficiently and would recommend the training session which can be tailored to a time that suits your convenience.

With the Energy Saving Trust offering their special price, now is a great time to book a training session and start put the tips into practice. After taking a test drive in their simulator I now hope to book a one-to-one lesson and learn how to drive efficiently around Fife.