Government must help low income families tackle fuel poverty

Yesterday in Parliament I called for the Scottish Government to use its Climate Change Fund to help low income households tackle fuel poverty and address climate change targets.

During General Questions I asked the Minister for the Environment what meetings had taken place between the Minister and his Housing counterpart to discuss measures to tackle fuel poverty.

Measures such as Shine on Fife and the Green Deal are great initiatives that help to tackle our environmental challenges but unfortunately they do not suit every property or household.

I’ve met with local energy groups in Fife and they highlight that simple measures such as changing to energy efficient light bulbs, using draught excluders or even chimney balloons can make all the difference in reducing energy costs and keeping people warm in their homes.

That is why I I followed up my first question by asking the Minister if he would consider greater flexibility within the Climate Change Fund  so that those in need have greater access to small measures such as those mentioned abovee

These measures may not cost much but for many of the households that need it most – those that find themselves in fuel poverty – they are beyond their means. I hope the Scottish Government will give serious consideration to extending the Climate Change Fund to ensure that those that need it the most can have access to the small measures that will make a big difference.