Private rent hikes show need for rent cap

Official figures show that the cost of private rented housing has soared across Mid Scotland and Fife as working people across Scotland have been faced with the average mean monthly rent increasing substantially since 2010.

The figures from the Scottish Government shows that Forth Valley has seen the highest increases, up 10.6% for one bedroom properties, 19.5% for two bedrooms, 21.9% for three bedrooms and 33.9% for four bedrooms.

Properties in Fife have seen a 9.1% increase for one bedroom, 18.1% for two, 17.1% for three and 26.6% for four bedrooms. Perth and Kinross have seen 8.6%, 8.7%, 11.7% and 15.8% increases respectively.

It is clear that a radical change is needed to end Scotland housing crisis and that is exactly what the next Scottish Labour government will deliver.

Working people across Scotland are struggling to keep up with the rise in private rents. Almost half of all people made homeless last year due to rent arrears fell into debt with a private landlord.

Scotland’s housing crisis is deepening, and we need to see action now to stop more people being made homeless.

If the SNP Government is not prepared to use the powers of the Scottish Parliament to ensure our housing system works for the many, not the few, then we will.

That is why the next Scottish Labour government will cap rent rises with a Mary Barbour law and build at least 12,000 new homes for social-rent every year.