Claire hosts quad bike roundtable in Kirkcaldy

Today I held a roundtable meeting in Kirkcaldy to tackle the growing instances of illegal anti-social behaviour on quad bikes and motorised vehicles in the area. This was an opportunity for those concerned about anti-social behaviour on motorised vehicles to get round the table and try and find a solution.

The meeting follows my recent visit to Rabbit Braes, which has been described as a ‘problematic area’ after concerned locals got in touch with me to highlight a rise in dangerous behaviour on such vehicles.

It is clear that the problem in Kirkcaldy is escalating and following my campaign in Levenmouth it is important that we all work together to replicate the success we had in tackling such behaviour.

Locals are rightly concerned for their safety. These vehicles are being used in parks and pathways causing huge danger to children, residents and dog walkers. Many fear it is only a matter of time before a serious injury takes place.

The roundtable, which was held in Linton Lane Community Centre, included local Fife politicians, council officials from Fife Council, concerned locals and local Police officers.

This is likely to be the first of a number of meetings as we work towards tackling the problem. In the meantime, we must look at all options to curbing this behaviour, from what we can do in Parliament to change existing laws, to what action Fife Council and the Police can take to stop it a local level.

The problem is arising from a number of factors. From parents buying their children these vehicles as presents, unaware of the illegal use of them on public roads or fields, to certain people who know the law but just don’t care and will continue to put the safety of others at risk.

Many people use these vehicles legally and safety and those that do should just be as concerned about such anti-social behaviour as the actions of the reckless few who could potentially spoil it for all.

Police Scotland are taking action through Operation Fireblade and have had some success in seizing bikes and bringing forward charges, however as the Operation continues the anti-social behaviour is escalating and we must all work with local officers to combat this.

Identification is key and I’d encourage any locals who sees such anti-social behaviour to get in touch, anonymously or otherwise either directly with local police via 101 or with Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.