Claire joins Day of Action Against Blacklisting

On December the 6th I joined colleagues in attending the Day of Action Against Blacklisting lobby outside the Scottish Parliament. The day was part of a long running campaign from Unite the Union into blacklisting within the construction industry.

Cases of blacklisting within construction companies is unacceptable. These workers give their time and skill to their employers and should be rewarded for their duty, not punished.

As part of the campaign, Unite is calling for a full public enquiry into blacklisting, for the process to be considered a criminal offence, and for companies found blacklisting to be barred from bidding for public sector contracts.

I am disappointed at the lack of clarity on the Scottish Government’s stance on this issue, with the reluctance to launch an inquiry into blacklisting. Our workers deserve full justice and to have their voices heard.

Throughout their campaign, Unite have uncovered several recent cases of blacklisting and has issued legal proceedings against a number of companies on behalf of 70 workers who were blacklisted.

It is important that our workers in Fife and across Scotland are compensated and are given the right to be re-employed in the sector in which they previously worked.

It is wrong that those who are responsible for the blacklisting of workers are continuing to profit from public sector contracts and are not being held accountable for their actions. The Labour Party will ensure that companies awarded with public contracts maintain high standards of business and professional conduct.