Government must “step up and take action” on quad bikes

I have called for the Scottish Government to step up and take action on the illegal and anti-social use of quad bikes and motorised scooters after they confirmed to me that they were not taking any action to encourage the responsible selling and ownership of such vehicles.

I am disappointed and deeply frustrated that despite a commitment from the previous Minister for Community Safety, the Scottish Government have now decided to hide behind the UK Government rather than take action.

I have been campaigning against such anti-social behaviour for some time and I have organised roundtables, met with the Police, campaigners, and concerned members of the public, and raised the issue many times in Parliament.

The illegal and anti-social behaviour on motorised off-road vehicles, such as quad bikes, continues to blight our local communities and the public rightly want to see as much effort as possible from everyone in tackling this nuisance.

Locals are concerned for their safety. Often these vehicles are used in parks and public pathways and are a danger to children out playing, dog walkers and their dogs, and residents as they come and go.

Yet instead of taking action the Transport Minister has attempted to pass the buck. In the meantime, Christmas fast approaches and who knows how many more vehicles will be bought and sold.

Many that buy these bikes have no idea that their use could be a criminal offence and many want to use the vehicles safely and within the full confines of the law.

That is why responsible ownership and selling is key. We have seen through the success of Kingdom Off Road Motorcycling Club that education and providing access to a safe environment for legal riding can work.

We need the Scottish Government to step up and take action. The time for excuses and passing the buck is over, we need to tackle this anti-social behaviour in our communities before someone is seriously hurt.