Growth Commission Topical Question

Yesterday in Parliament I quizzed the Cabinet Secretary for Finance on the SNP’s latest plans for an independent Scotland.

With plans to get Scotland’s deficit below 3% from the current 8.3% it is clear that under the SNP an independent Scotland would face at least a decade of austerity max. This is not a Growth Commission but rather a Cuts Commission.

Scotland cannot afford another decade of austerity. With over a quarter of a million children living in poverty and pensioner poverty having increase by 33% since 2010 we need action now.

That is why a Labour Government would invest to grow our economy, including £70 billion in Scotland over the next decade.

Only Labour is proposing the real and radical change that Scotland needs.

Claire calls for Levenmouth Rail meeting

Following the appointment of Humza Yousaf MSP as the Scottish Government’s new Transport Minister I have written requesting a meeting to discuss the reintroduction of the Levenmouth rail link.

In my letter I highlighted that Levenmouth is the largest conurbation in Scotland that is not currently serviced by a rail link and outlined the benefits it would bring to commuters and employers such Diageo and Fife Energy Park.

During the recent Scottish Parliament election, I stood on a pledge of the re-introduction of the rail link and successfully lobbied to have it included in my party’s manifesto.

Despite the election result I am still committed to pushing for its reintroduction due to the clear benefits it would bring to the area. Continue reading

Claire launches Kirkcaldy Campaign

Yesterday I was delighted to officially launch my campaign for the upcoming Scottish Parliament Election. I am asking voters in Kirkcaldy to put their trust in me to represent them as I have done as their regional MSP since 2007.

As someone who lives in the constituency and has had an office based in the area since I was first elected I understand the real change needed now.

This includes changes in our health services to ensure a better quality of care for all, support for our schools to close the attainment gap and for Fife College to be able to provide opportunities for all learners in their community.

Change is also needed to tackle nuisance behaviour in our streets and replace the not fit for purpose Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court with a state of the art Justice Centre. It is about delivering local jobs across the constituency, from Fife Energy Park and Levenmouth rail link, to Kirkcaldy High Street.

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